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​As a Multi-Media Artist /Photographer I have been honored by the City /County of St Louis MO for the documentation of the makeshift monuments and/or public displays of healing which rise up following death due to violence in 10 U.S. cities.  My documentation includes Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Memphis, Huntsville, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Wilmington Delaware, Harlem, N.Y. and Los Angeles.  The Doll Project is a traveling multi-media installation that captures the beauty and the power of the indomitable spirit in makeshift community monuments to slain loved ones.  

The work is important because the quest was never about seeking honor or praise, but rather the desire to give value to lives lost, while utilizing photography as a means to raise an awareness of how deaths due to violence, and grieving impact neighborhoods and communities as well as families.   I’m compelled by my research to find a way to educate youth about the need for conflict resolution, and violence reduction in communities across the country.  For two (3) months last summer, I traveled the country, shooting photographic images, and interviewing families and friends of slain loved ones.  All ten (10) city traveling research was conducted without benefit of any financial assistance and/or funding from others.

I hope that this brief document provides you with some insight into my mission.  L.D. Ingrum Gallery & Studio also teaches photography to youth on a daily basis, and I also extend the studio to train others in the St. Louis community without charge.  The heartfelt commitment regarding loss due to violence involves the personal and tragic loss of my Mother, who was a Minister and community outreach worker.  Sadly, my Mother was killed by a Homeless person in a home intrusion.  Through my work, I continue to spread a message of love, promote peace and encourage youth about having a respect for life.

If you have questions and/or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 314-314.276.9272 or email: photolov2@gmail.com for an immediate response.

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